Beneficiaries receive N$18 million worth of houses

Stefanus Nashama

The Government, in collaboration with the National Housing Enterprise (NHE), has officially handed over 50 houses to beneficiaries in Omuthiya, located in the Oshikoto Region

The homes were constructed at a cost of N$18 million.

During the official handover ceremony held yesterday, the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, emphasized that providing housing to families reflects the government’s commitment to addressing housing challenges through various initiatives.

“We continue to make a positive impact through NHE, the Build Together Program, Shack Dwellers Federation, informal settlement upgrading, and the Mass Housing Development Programme, which we are determined to complete,” Uutoni stated.

Minister Uutoni also highlighted recent housing initiatives, including the handover of 66 houses constructed by the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia in Walvis Bay earlier this month and the delivery of 108 houses under the Mass Housing Development Programme in Swakopmund in July of this year.

He also mentioned the frequent handover of houses constructed as part of the Informal Settlement Upgrading Project in Windhoek, targeting low-income groups residing in informal settlements.

Regarding the 50 houses handed over yesterday, the Minister acknowledged that the project faced delays due to contractual issues with contractors.

He urged local authorities to provide land to NHE at reduced prices, which would help lower input costs and potentially result in more affordable selling prices for future housing projects.

Toska Sem, Chairperson of the NHE Board of Directors, also addressed the gathering and highlighted that the completion of this project represents a significant milestone in reducing the national housing backlog.

She stressed that these completed homes offer people decent and affordable housing options.

Sem noted that 48 Namibians were employed during the construction phase of the project and stressed the NHE Board’s commitment to securing affordable capital for the construction of more affordable housing.

“I am pleased to say that the N$18 million invested by NHE in this project has been put to good use,” she stated. This week, Minister Uutoni is expected to hand over approximately 90 NHE houses in Ondangwa and Okahao as part of ongoing efforts to address the housing needs of Namibians.

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