Billionaire’s special treatment rattles Ndeitunga … as Police ignore court orders

Rose-Mary Haufiku

Namibia Police Force (NamPol) head, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, says he is concerned about the continued special treatment being given to British billionaire, Harvey Boulter, who has evaded staying in prison since his arrest on murder charges more than three months ago.

An irate Ndeitunga said he suspects there are individuals aiding his continued stay in hospital, amid claims he is “sick.” “I have a problem because he is always admitted. He does not want to go to the cells. I’m even suspecting that some people are favouring him to be a permanent patient in hospital. All suspects should go to the cells,” Ndeitunga said.

The NamPol head distanced himself from the billionaire suspect amid allegations he is “close friends” with the murder accused and has been aiding his continued evasion of being incarcerated while awaiting for his bail application. “I want everybody to know that, I don’t know the person. I have never met him. I have never spoken to him. I have never seen him, but I know he is a suspect in a murder case,” the NamPol head said.

It emerged that immediately after bail application in Outjo last month, Boulter is alleged to have tested positive for COVID-19, although no proof was provided and moved to Safari Hotel in Windhoek and is currently housed at Paramount Hospital in the capital , all without the court’s approval.

“The court had not issued any removal order and that any removal of the accused to Windhoek was done without the court’s consent,” Deputy Chief Magistrate, Ingrid Unengu, confirmed to the Windhoek Observer.

She said the magistrate had informed the Outjo Station Commander that the matter of Boulter’s application to be removed must be brought before court and they must have a doctor who can testify that Boulter needs to be moved to Windhoek, which was not done. “The presiding officer (Magistrate) told the Station Commander that such an application, for the removal of the accused person, must be brought before court and a doctor must be called to testify accordingly. The Station Commander was referred to the State Prosecutor. The State Prosecutor declined to entertain the matter as the court had not issued any removal order and that any removal of the accused to Windhoek was done without the court’s consent,” said Unengu.

“No evidence or medical proof of a positive COVID-19 test was brought before court.”

NamPol Regional Commander in Kunene, Commissioner James Nderura, also confirmed to the Windhoek Observer that he was never shown evidence that Boulter had tested positive for COVID-19 to justify his relocation to Windhoek. “I had complied with the order as it came from above. I was briefed that the person had tested positive. If the doctor says the person tested positive, we cannot confront the doctor to say give us the papers,” Nderura said.

Khomas Police Commander, Commissioner Ismael Basson, was adamant that there was no need for the court to have approved Boulter’s relocation.

“The court doesn’t have to confirm. If you are found guilty and after being found guilty you fall sick, you then end up in hospital before you go to jail. So, the court doesn’t need to confirm,” said Basson.

“He is now at Paramount Healthcare Centre. He is sick. He was only at Safari Hotel when he was COVID positive. Any suspect can be isolated at any facility, we don’t have facilities from the police side,” Basson said, justifying Boulter’s continued stay in another hospital

An official at Paramount Healthcare Centre refused to divulge any information about Boulter’s status when contacted by the newspaper. Before his appearance at Outjo Magistrate Court for his bail application last month, Boulter spent nearly a month at the plush Auas Hills Retirement Village, where Basson again had said he was receiving treatment for an injury he sustained when he discharged a firearm that led to the death of his employee.

Boulter stands accused of allegedly shooting his employee (a manager at his farm) Gerhard van Wyk (54) in February after he attempted to seek sexual favours from van Wyk’s daughter in law.

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