Business outlets using dogs as security guards should not get fitness certificate: NALOBA

Martin Endjala

Namibia Local Business Association (NALOBA) Vice President Peter Kanu Amadhila, is calling on all Local Authorities and health department to stop issuing fitness certification to business owners who use dogs as security guards.

“A lot of dogs have taken up employments of many Namibians and this trend should stop, and employment must be given to human beings. Countries like Angola have banned some of these dangerous dog species.

“The Law enforcement agencies must take a bold step and ensure that there are no more dogs at business yards in order to protect the lives of our people. A law or regulations should be enacted in that regards to safeguard the lives of our people, “said Amadhila.

He says that it is permanent shock and trauma to see a continuity and growing trends of citizen being killed by dogs kept by businesses people, especially foreign owned businesses.

He added that NALOBA heavily condemns dogs killing innocent Namibians, emphasising that it is high time that the authorities start applying stringent laws to business owners be it foreigners or Namibians to be brought to books. Amadhila was reacting to the recent fatal dog attack on Ruben Abraham (44), a security guard at the Rubicon Security company in Oshakati who succumbed to injuries at Oshakati Intermediate Hospital’s intensive care unit due to vicious attack on him by five dogs belonging to a businesswoman while on his way home from work.

The five dogs where later put down under the euthanasia process by authorities, a police case has also been opened by the family against the dog owner.

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