Candidates vying for Swapo top positions impress

Martin Endjala

The internal Swapo Party campaigns are running smooth with delegates showing appreciation to the performance of the candidates bring their A performance game to the fore.

The Swapo regional coordinator for the Oshana Region Samuel Nelongo said during the campaign at Ongwediva yesterday the candidates well organized and demonstrated a level of maturity and preparedness.

“I am mostly happy for the performances that the candidates brought, they were really sharp and all came across very confident,’’ Nelongo said. Nelongo in an interview with the Observer said that the delegates were accorded equal opportunity to share their campaign manifestos with the delegates and that there were no deviations from the programme.

All candidates contesting for the vice-presidency, secretary general, deputy secretary general and the central committee and delegates, he said, were in a jubilant spirit with their supporters all behind them.

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