Capricorn Group and NamRA join forces to strengthen risk management

Niël Terblanché

In a collaboration aimed at bolstering the culture of risk management within Namibian government entities, the Capricorn Group partnered with the Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) to conduct a specialized Risk Management Workshop.

The workshop drew the participation of NamRA’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee and Senior Managers. At the same time, the initiative was spearheaded by Capricorn Group’s Business Risk Officer, Horst Simon, a seasoned facilitator known for his contribution to enhancing risk management strategies across various sectors.

The workshop focused on cultivating an effective risk culture within NamRA, marking a significant step in the agency’s journey towards robust risk management.

This effort aligns with NamRA’s recent establishment of an internal Management Risk Department, signalling the agency’s commitment to identifying, analyzing, and mitigating potential risks proactively.

Commissioner Sam Shivute, chairperson of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee, lauded Capricorn Group’s role in this pioneering endeavor. He highlighted the workshop’s importance as foundational training for NamRA’s first Enterprise Risk Management Committee Meeting.

The collaboration was about imparting knowledge and laying a solid groundwork for NamRA’s future risk management initiatives.

Capricorn Group brought a wealth of experience in creating an environment where risk management is everyone’s responsibility.

This culture has not only earned them the trust of customers and shareholders but also positioned them as a credible entity, emphasizing the value of good corporate governance.

Horst Simon, reflecting on the initiative, emphasized Capricorn Group’s vision of being a responsible, regional, and global citizen.

“Our approach to being a responsible entity is embedded in the DNA of our operations. This workshop represents an opportunity to foster a sustainable future for Namibians, highlighting our commitment to adding value and creating opportunities for community development,” Simon stated.

The collaboration between Capricorn Group and NamRA exemplifies a shared commitment to advancing risk management practices in Namibia.

It stresses the importance of public-private partnerships in fostering a culture of preemptive risk management, ultimately contributing to the creation of more resilient and sustainable societies.

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