Central bank launches 24-hour whistle blower hotline

Tujoromajo Kasuto

The Bank of Namibia (BON) has officially launched its own whistle-blower hotline, through which suspected misconduct by Bank officials can be reported using an independent, anonymous and secure whistle blower service.

The bank’s Acting Director of Strategic Communications Kazembire Zemburuka says that it is committed to the principle of accountability and to develop a work culture in which employees, contractors, suppliers, consultants, and the general public are encouraged to disclose information about improper conduct and/or any violation of the bank’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct, as well as relevant laws, policies, and procedures involving staff members at all levels.

A whistle-blower can confidentially disclose information about any improper conduct, such as fraud, bribery, corruption, criminal activity, malpractices, violations of laws, regulations, or policies, or abuse of bank resources, that is suspected or has occurred. He says the bank takes its constitutional responsibilities very serious and therefore upholds and subscribes to the highest ethical and integrity standards.

Zemburuka states that employees of the Bank agree to abide by a comprehensive Code of Ethics and Conduct, which outlines the ethical standards for conducting business with honesty and integrity. ‘’In this regard, the Bank strictly enforces staff compliance.’’

The whistleblowing service will foster the highest levels of integrity required to meet the demands placed on the bank by the Namibian people.

The dedicated channels will be operational 24 hours a day, and calls will be handled by a specialised independent third party.

The identity of members of the public who provides information on the hotline will be protected and kept confidential and in this regard, no personal information is required to submit a tip-off, and no references to personal information are made in the report.

The fraud hotline, Zemburuka says, is not meant to report wrongdoing outside the control or jurisdiction of the bank.

Whistle-blowers can report their disclosures through the following means of communication:

Tollfree: 0 800 001 100 E-mail: bon@tip-offs.com Website: www.tip-offs.com


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