Changemakers bring warmth and joy to vulnerable elderly

Niél Terblanché

In an encouraging gesture of community support, Capricorn Group employees, known as Changemakers, hosted a winter warmer event for elderly residents of the Katutura Old Age Home and the Khomasdal Old Age Home on Friday.

The event saw the donation of winter items worth N$20,000, bringing much-needed warmth and comfort to the pensioners.

Capricorn Group organized a company-wide appeal to collect the donated items, which included knee blankets, socks, gloves, beanies, scarves, and toiletries.

The generous response from employees demonstrated the organisation’s commitment to positively impacting the lives of vulnerable community members.

“At Capricorn Group, we believe that building a strong society begins with attending to the basics and making time for those who need it most. Seeing how employees volunteer their time and resources to help those in need is a true testament to the type of employees we have in Capricorn Group, Bank Windhoek, and Capricorn Asset Management,” said Marlize Horn, Group Executive of Brand and Corporate Affairs.

The day was filled with joyful interactions and activities. The Changemakers served meals and drinks, engaged the elderly in lively games, and provided a variety of services, including barbering and pampering stations.

They also delivered financial literacy and fraud prevention sessions, covering topics such as ATM safety, PIN security, debt management, and savings, to help the pensioners safeguard their finances.

James Kalundu, Manager of Social and Youth Development at the City of Windhoek, also attended the event and stressed the importance of community support and the impact of such initiatives on the well-being of the elderly.

The pensioners expressed their gratitude for the warmth and care they received.

“Thank you, Capricorn. You took care of us a few years ago and are back again. We appreciate you very much for all our gifts and for making us feel special today,” one of the residents said.

The heartfelt interactions and the attention from the Changemakers nurtured a strong sense of belonging and community, benefiting both the senior citizens and the Capricorn Group employees.

The event also featured engaging discussions and laughter, creating a vibrant and socially enriching atmosphere.

According to Horn, this initiative aligns with Capricorn Group’s ongoing mission of being Connectors of Positive Change in its communities by enriching lives and fostering a sense of community and care.

“The Changemakers’ visit has had a lasting impact on the community, and Capricorn Group is dedicated to seeking more opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others,” Horn added.

She added that the donated items will provide much-needed comfort to the pensioners, ensuring they stay warm and cared for during the colder months.

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