Chica the Bear launched in support of fighting childhood cancer

Martin Endjala

A project to increase awareness to raise funds for children affected by cancer was launched in partnership with the Cancer Association of Namibia and Liberty Life.

The public can support the programme through buying ‘Chica the Bear’ for N$180 whose proceeds will go towards CAN to fight cancer in Namibia, the marketing communication officer of Liberty, Warren Kozonguize said at the launch.

The project launch was yesterday during the commemoration of International Childhood Cancer Day that is remembered every 15th of February. Chica is a light blue bear with a sweet smile that is intended to give hope and encouragement to children with cancer, and
their parents and friends.

Kozonguizi said the initiative is part of the company’s aim to help with essential development and empowerment, particularly in the Namibian child.

He further stated that the company has always bolstered their engagements annually at the grassroots level, by donating school items to different schools in the country.

The company has another initiative called ‘My Money’, which goes around primary schools to sensitize financial literacy among pupils, says Kozonguizi.

The Chica Bear project also supports families of children with cancer hospitalised in Windhoek financially.

“We would like to see more support coming through of course and we are inviting cooperatives to join as this chica bear will continue growing, and we are hoping to take it to other African countries in the future and chica will continue doing what it has been doing,
visiting children wards and schools in the community as part of the companies mandate, to provide financial help when needed,” he stressed.

The bear is expected to be delivered in September, this was agreed on, as September is the childhood month. The chief executive of (CAN) Rolf Hansen echoed the need for more support such as these initiatives towards cancer fight, stating that, “Children shouldn’t die just because they were born in a certain country” at yesterday’s event.

At the end of 2021 Liberty life decided to create a sponsorship initiative that could positively impact lives of Namibians.

Susann Van Heerden, project manager of CAN, in a conversation with the Windhoek Observer, says the initiative is good, as it will change many children’s lives battling with cancer, describing the launch as fruitful.

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