Chinese Defence Attache optimistic over Nam-China military relations

Staff Reporter

CHINESE Embassy Defence Attache, Colonel Gao Peng has expressed optimism that military relations between China and Namibia will grow in the face of global challenges and opportunities.

He emphasised China’s commitment to a path of peaceful development and a defence policy based on mutually beneficial defence principles.

Peng said this while presenting a commemorative speech at the Chinese Embassy on the occasion of the 96th Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

The event was attended by important visitors, including Namibian leaders, diplomats, and military members, demonstrating China and Namibia’s strong friendship.

He said China is committed to collaborating with Namibia to promote a more peaceful and stable world

Peng complimented China and Namibia’s long-standing friendship, which dates back to the 1960s, and has matured into a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Cooperation in the twenty-first century.

“Our military forces from both Namibia and China have maintained close ties through exchanges, capacity building, equipment development, and high-level visits, supporting one another in the spirit of multilateralism” he said.

Peng thanked Namibia for her assistance and collaboration throughout the pandemic’s difficult moments and expressed

Peng recognised the historical significance of the PLA’s foundation on August 1, 1927, during the Nanchang Uprising.

“Over the past 96 years, the PLA has faced enormous challenges, leading the way to achieve independence, liberation, and prosperity for the nation, while also making significant contributions to global peace,” he said.

Peng underscored China’s commitment to a peaceful development path and defenCe policy.

“China has actively pursued negotiated settlements for outstanding territorial and maritime disputes, and the country’s cultural tradition places great value on peace,” he said.

Peng also assured the crowd that China’s growing power will never be utilised to seek hegemony or areas of influence.

President Xi Jinping’s Global Security Initiative, which calls for international cooperation, dialogue, and partnership to overcome the world’s complex security concerns, was underlined by the Defence Attache.

“The world is changing dramatically. Traditional and non-traditional security threats continue to emerge. China is committed to collaborating with Namibia to promote a more peaceful and stable world,” he said.

Peng went on to emphasise China’s active participation in various peacekeeping missions, disaster relief initiatives, and humanitarian assistance.

“China’s PLA contributes significantly to UN peacekeeping operations, demonstrating its commitment to global security and stability. The PLA has assigned 37,000 military personnel to participate in 24 UN peacekeeping missions and sent over 130 vessels to escort more than 7000 Chinese and foreign ships in the waters of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden,” Peng stated.

In his final remarks, he raised a glass to the 96th anniversary of the PLA’s formation, deeper collaboration between the PLA and the Namibian Defence Force (NDF), China-Namibia friendship, and the health of all prominent visitors.

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