Chinese Embassy denies allegations of worker exploitation

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The Chinese Embassy in Namibia has denied allegations of worker exploitation and underpayment raised by social activist Michael Amushelelo.

In a statement released following a Facebook post by Amushelelo, the embassy defended its employment practices and addressed the concerns raised.

According to the embassy’s spokesperson, all local employees are hired under legally compliant contracts adhering to Namibian laws.

The statement refutes claims made by Amushelelo, stating that allegations of low pay, forced work, lack of overtime compensation, no provision for injury compensation, and mistreatment are entirely false and baseless.

“In addition to complying with the laws of the Republic of Namibia, the Embassy subscribes to the local standards of standard business practices as it relates to the provision of medical aid and pension benefit,” read the statement.

The post by Amushelelo claims that two former female employees left the embassy due to mistreatment, and one worker who suffered a leg injury on duty last year did not receive compensation.

Amushelelo further alleges that the embassy pays workers N$1,600.00 and fails to register them for Social Security Benefits and medical aid. Workers are reportedly compelled to work overtime without proper compensation.

The activist further urged Chinese Ambassador, Zhao Weiping, to rectify the alleged exploitation and mistreatment of Namibian workers. Failure to address these concerns, warns Amushelelo, could lead to a national protest demanding the closure of the Embassy.

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