Church volunteers help NamBTS with critically low bloodstock

Niël Terblanché

The Blood Transfusion Service of Namibia (NamBTS) is still facing a critical blood shortage and has partnered with Shincheonji Church of Jesus volunteers for a blood drive to replenish the country’s blood supply.

Through the partnership and a concerted effort to foster a culture of donation, the organizations have encouraged community participation.

The Khomas Regional Governor, Laura McLeod-Katjirua, supported the initiative, highlighting the life-saving impact of each donation.

The drive aimed for at least 50 donations and successfully exceeded this goal with 62 volunteers eventually donating blood.

The NamBTS has repeatedly urged the public to donate blood and stressed the urgent need for both new and regular donors to come forward due to the severe shortage of blood supplies.

In January, NamBTS issued an urgent call for donations as their reserves fell to a four-year low, mainly because of increased demand during the festive season and a decline in collections over public holidays.

Titus Shivute, the Marketing and Donor Relations Supervisor at NamBTS, emphasized the crisis, pointing out the compounded effects of trauma incidents, surgeries, and illnesses requiring blood on the depleted stocks over the festive season.

Shivute reiterated the vital role of individuals with the O blood group in mitigating the shortage and called for regular donations from Namibians to ensure stable blood stocks throughout the year.

He reminded people that blood, an indispensable resource for accident victims, haemophiliacs, surgical patients, infants, and cancer patients, cannot be manufactured and is constantly in demand.

At one point, the available supply could only last two days.

He added that a donation, taking about 30 minutes, can significantly contribute to saving lives in Namibia.

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