City party coalition a far fetched dream
…as IPC calls for all party representation
on management committee

Tujoromajo Kasuto

The Independent Patriots for Change have requested that the remaining five slots on the Management Committee be distributed among all parties represented on the council as a step toward consensus politics in the Windhoek Municipal Council.

This occurs after the council failed to successfully convene for a council meeting for all opposition leaders to decide how to proceed with electing new leadership on January 13, 2023.

IPC Secretary-General, Christine Esperanza !Aochamus in a letter addressed to the all party and association representatives on the city council say that consensus politics is vital for the prosperity and progress of the City of Windhoek.

She adds that she believes they can accomplish far more for the people of Windhoek if they cooperate to pursue common objectives rather than fighting among themselves.

“I am certain we are all cognisant of the challenges faced by our collective representatives serving on the Windhoek municipal council and the consequences brought about by those challenges. With this in mind we, as a party, advocate for the implementation of proportional representation in the decision-making body of the COW. This proposal would ensure that each political party that has been empowered by the electorate is represented in the Management Committee,” she says.

She further states that with the Mayoral positions already filled by Swapo/Nudo, IPC proposes that the remaining five positions on the Management Committee be divided among all parties represented on the council which composes of LPM, IPC, SWAPO, AR, and PDM, with each party delegating one representative.

According to !Aochamus, doing this would respect the voters’ preferences by allowing all parties to participate in the decision-making process.

“Should this proposal be approved by all, we would elect the chairperson of MC through a lot and agree on a rotational period collectively. We are all aware that our country is currently facing financial challenges, and thus believe that implementing this proposal would help to avoid a costly re- run of elections,” she asserts.

Meanwhile, Nudo’s representative on the Windhoek City Council, Joseph Kauandenge, says this is the same approach he tried to take last week when calling for a council meeting, which was unsuccessful because council members “prioritized their own needs” over residents’.

“At the meeting, all opposition party representatives were unable to find common ground because we did not prioritize residents’ interests over our own. However, it is never too late, and I hope the other parties join in, which I doubt will happen, “he stated.

Another issue he raised was the appointment of three management committee members, and he wondered how they would be required to resign.

“They have already been elected and duly nominated, so I believe the other seats on the management that are still open can be considered, but I don’t see the entire mc being redone,” he said.

This comes after NUDO’s Joseph Uapingene was elected as the new mayor for the city last week Thursday, replacing LPM’s Sade Gawanas.

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