Claims that President Mbumba only engages northern traditional leaders dismissed

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

The Press Secretary for the Presidency, Alfredo Hengari, said the notion of President Nangolo Mbumba choosing to only engage traditional leaders from the northern regions is misleading information.

Hengari was responding to information that has been making rounds in the media, which states that President Mbumba has only chosen to engage and listen to traditional leaders from the northern areas.

This came after Mbumba’s recent visit to the north where he had a meeting with traditional leaders, which left traditional leaders from other regions unimpressed.

Hengari said, President Mbumba recognises the key role played by traditional authorities in communities and the part they play in nation-building.

He said that the President will always endeavour to meet with traditional leaders when he undertakes working visits outside the capital and to other regions of the country.

“The Presidency dismisses the misleading claims that have been in the media purporting that the President had chosen to engage only with traditional leaders from the Northern areas.

President Mbumba was invited to attend a church service at the Olukonda Parish, his church of origin in the North, and availed that opportunity to meet with traditional leaders in the North.

Following the assumption of the Presidency on 4 February 2024, President Mbumba also visited Katima Mulilo, Zambezi Region for the 34th Independence Day celebrations where he convened on the 20th of March a highly fruitful meeting with traditional leaders in the region, including Chief George Simasiku Mamili of the Mafwe Traditional Authority, Chief Shakati Boniface Shufu of the Mayeyi Traditional Authority, Chief Joseph Tembwe Mayuni of the Mashi Traditional Authority and Albius Kamwi, Ngambela of the Masubia Traditional Authority,” said Hengari.

The Press Secretary added that in the first week of April 2024, President Mbumba plans to visit the Southern regions of Namibia where he will again use the opportunity to consult with traditional leaders in the Hardap and //Karas Regions. While the President is equally planning a schedule of consultations with traditional leaders in the affected communities of the 1904 Genocide.

“The Namibian public will be informed accordingly about the dates for such meetings and consultations whose purpose is to advance shared understanding with the objective of opening a new chapter of relations between Namibia and Germany on the question of the 1904 Genocide.

President Nangolo Mbumba is a nation-builder and has been part of the leadership collective over the past 34 years since Namibia gained independence. During his tenure as Vice President, Dr Mbumba played a pivotal role in strengthening dialogue between the Government and communities. As President of the Republic, Dr Mbumba will continue to lead with unity as a guiding principle in order to advance the shared interests of development and prosperity for all Namibians,” stated Hengari.

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