Climate change threaten water sources

Martin Endjala

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform has cautioned that the availability and affordability of water is challenged by climate change and Namibia is particularly vulnerable in this regard because of its significant high temperatures.

Carl Schlettwein stressed that 60 percent of Namibia water supply comes from underground sources and therefore needs to be preserved. He was speaking at the commemoration ceremony of the World Water, Wetlands and Forest Day in Windhoek at the Safari Hotel today.

The Minister said surface water is easily contaminated due to pollution hence the vitality in valuable ground water. Drought also serves as a reminder of the important role played by ground water in the country.

“I recall when the country had persistent drought over the past years, we had to utilize our ground water to supply the country of which almost 30 percent is supplied to the central part of the country, which is Windhoek,” Shlettwein remined.

Most irrigation schemes in the country for food security and sustainability all rely on ground water.

He said despite the staggering hyper inflations, the ministry continues to ensure that portable water is accessible to all Namibians.

“If we mismatch water demands with the available good resources, we risk a disruption of life giving circle which is the SDG’s, that looks to alleviate poverty, create jobs and public sustainability,’’ he echoed.

‘’Young professionals are encouraged to embark on research development on institutions, knowledge, and technology for sustainable food security. Our consequences will determine how we resolve our natural resources,’’ Shlettwein pointed out.

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta lamented the ongoing deforestation and exploitation which are contributing factors to climate changes and the decrease of savannah forests and wood forests that cover 19 000 square kilometres of Namibia to a total of six percent since 1975 to date.

Shifeta said that this is a course for concern, hence mitigating mechanisms where put in place to amicably solve the issue. He further advised Namibians to safeguard the countries environment to ensure a livelihood of the nation.

The community forest and state forest are one of the solutions put in place to fight deforestation.

“It is every Namibians sole duty to safeguard these behaviour patterns and redirect them into replanting more trees and caring for our forest for the sake our livelihoods”, Shifeta emphasized.

This year’s celebrations were under the Namibia’s own theme, ‘’Ground Water, Precious to Wetlands, Forests, People and Nature, Making the Invisible Visible’’.

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