Colonial laws exploiting workers- NEFFF

Steve Nashama

The Namibia Economic Freedom Fighters (NEEF) parliamentarian Iipumbu Kalimbo says the party will continue fighting against the exploitation of workers, that the arrest of NEFF member Michael Amushelelo will not deter them.

Kalimbo said this today, adding that there is a need to question why people go on strikes and the cause of strikes. Amushelelo was arrested last week while at the strike of cleaners at the City of Windhoek.

Kalimbo also questioned the existence of colonial laws in the labour system.

“Why do people go on strike? That is the first question you should ask,” he said.

The pariamentarian claims that there are still some colonial laws oppressing workers, adding that as a party, NEEF will contunue to maintain its position in fighting against the exploitation of people.

“We cannot be able to uphold the law when people are exploited. We need to deal with the Ministry of Labour and the Minister himself for failing to deal with this issue,” he said.

He indicated that the strike in which Amushelelo was arrested was not the first protest. The issues of workers has been there and the ministry of labour is doing nothing about it, he claimed.

Kalimbo said Labour Minister Utoni Nujoma should be fired for failing to do his job in protecting workers from exploitation.

He also took a jab at President Hage Geingob for “not doing a good job for keeping a minister that has failed to save workers and protect people from exploitation”.

He emphasized that colonial laws were meant to exploit workers at a time of colonialism.

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