Commonwealth parliaments urged to digitize

Martin Endjala

The Society of Clerk-At The Table standing committee has been urged to quickly move in implementing the digitalization project of parliaments across the Commonwealth countries in Africa in order to keep pace with global trends.

National Council MP Gerhard Shiimi made this call during the last day of SOCATT seminar held in Windhoek last week.

“Now is the time to invest in ICT infrastructures, it is a technological imperative that cannot be avoided nor ignored. It must not only be of good intention but it must be executed,” Shiimi stated.

He went on to appeal to SOCATT to pay attention to resolutions adopted at the seminar, while opining that he is convinced that as Commonwealth African parliaments, they have a huge common knowledge and experience including skills to tap from in improving service deliveries across the continent.

He urged African parliaments to continue cooperating in order to ensure that they serve their nations to the best of their ability.

The NC MP highlighted the considerably mounting issues that are impeding them from carrying out their duties. But, despite all this, he urged SOCATT to take a look at available mechanism standards and ensure that they are implemented in all Africa Commonwealth clerks’ parliaments.

He further emphasizing that notwithstanding the havoc inflicted on many countries and their economies in which many had to operate under a new normal, SOCATT has lived up to its

expectations that is to develop and build systems that are applicable to all secretariats parliaments.

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