Confessions of a Couch Kitten: End of year fatigue

Khanyiswsa Mogotsi

One thing about end-of-year fatigue is that it is very, very real. The feeling of your body losing all power to keep pushing and stay as productive as it was throughout the whole year.

As a society we have become so used to December and the festive season being our relax and unwind time, that our bodies have become trained into losing steam at a certain time of the year and only have the attention span for issues that include fun and entertainment.

The only downside with this year’s end-of-year fatigue is that although most of us are about ready to throw in the towel and run straight to the beach with no care in the world, many of us are still caught up in work and school because of the effects of the ongoing pandemic.

I am currently still in my final semester of school and already by the first week of classes in December, I knew it would be hard for me to keep the focus and stay as productive during a month I have not had classes in, in over three years.

I have become so used to my school year ending by November at the latest, and ever since I left high school, December has always been a lazy month with no worries about due dates, tests and assignments.

Every other day, I find myself forgetting about an upcoming test or the approaching date of an assignment and I know this is because my mind is about ready to kick it into autopilot for the remainder of this year.

The festive season has become such a routine that my body has adjusted to over the years and being forced to write analysis articles while I could be partying and dancing at a bar with my friends, has really changed the way I think of what used to be my favourite month.

To put into perspective, this time last year, I was knee-deep in December plans and preparing for my vacation trip. My parents had already left town and because I was home alone during once of my favourite months ever, I treated myself to my favourite alcoholic beverage every morning.

Fast forward to a year later and the only thing I can drink when I wake up is coffee, to keep me awake and concentrated for my online classes and group discussions.

Instead of worrying about what I am going to wear to whatever event, I am worried about tests and assignments that are due sometime next week.

I am forced to fight myself in remembering that weekends are still meant for studying and books even though my internal party clock is telling my body that I should be layering my face with pounds of makeup and calling my girlfriends to ask what the plans for the night are.

My semester will end eventually and once it does, my December will return to normal but until then, I want to encourage everybody that might feel as ill-focused and demotivated to keep going because we are almost at the end.

Although you might still be dealing with work or school right now, you will be able to let your hair loose eventually but until then, remember to take care of yourself and be gentle on your body because it has carried through a remarkably interesting year.

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