Corruption at the heart of NAMCOL staff resignation: Amupanda

Stefanus Nashama

Affirmative Repositioning Movement Leader, Job Amupanda has criticised Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) for failing to hold accountable an employee who was reported to have misappropriated N$305,770.00 of student funds.

The activist leader accused the institution of organising the employee’s resignation without taking serious action because there were people from high offices involved.

“The corrupt chain has organised that the accountant resigns,” he said.

Amupanda said while NAMCOL is claiming to have a zero-tolerance stance against theft, fraud and corruption, he has been informed that someone had started deleting information regarding the matter to protect the ‘corrupt chain’.

Windhoek Observer yesterday reported that NAMCOL has opened a criminal case with the Namibian Police against one of its former employees over N$305,770.00 that went missing from the institution.

According to NAMCOL, the staff member involved in the allegations has resigned and signed an acknowledgement of debt to recover the money, adding the matter was not covered up as it was reported in the media but they were waiting for the conclusion of internal investigations.

Amupanda questioned why did NAMCOL enter into negotiations and agreement of debt with the staff member to recover the funds as if the money was a loan.

The politician believes NAMCOL is trying to spin the story while claiming to recognise the importance of maintaining public trust and ensuring the responsible use of public funds dedicated to the advancement of education and training.

“Since when stealing becomes debt, was the misappropriation of funds by the staff member a loan,” Amupanda asked.

He also raised concerns about NAMCOL hiring an independent investigator to further investigate the matter when preliminary findings suggest the staff member misappropriated a sum of N $305,770.00.

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