COVID-19 login registry App launched

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With the emergence of COVID-19, retail outlets and offices have been mandated to keep registers of visitors for tracing purposes should a positive case emerge. This has caused all entryways to have a book and pen for registration purposes. Lines are forming as people queue for entry as people sign-in. As a solution to solve the cumbersome process, Geratin Software Engineers (GSE) has come up with the gtCheckIn App. Below is an excerpt from an interview with the Windhoek Observer (WO).

WO) Kindly introduce your company and the new Applications that you developed?

GSE) Geratin Software Engineers is a software development company that specializes in custom software development of enterprise solutions. We develop mobile, desktop and web applications. We have a track record of financial and process driven projects that we developed and manage for clients.

We developed the gtCheckIn app, which is a mobile application available on iOS and Android – to help customers and businesses avoid logging Covid19 registers using pen and paper. All customers have to do is download the app, save their contact details and scan the business’ QR code when they get to the door. All the information is then send to the respective business. The attendance is also used for various calculations that give the business an insight on performance and business development possibilities.

WO) Why come up with the application?

GSE) The application solves the problem where customers queue up at businesses writing down their names in paper-based registers. It also helps businesses get analytics on trends of customer population at the business for each given day and time periods. With the growing number of COVID-19 cases, there’s a need to know who someone got in contact with. This application’s back-end offers that.

WO) What is so unique about this Application?

GSE) It is easy. It is secure. It is fast. Users can use it without an internet connection!

WO) Who are you targeting with the Application and how does it speak to the Namibian market?

GSE) We’re targeting retailers, restaurants, churches, schools and all organizations where the public needs to check in. We’re addressing a real problem with the Namibian people and beyond.

WO) What differentiates your offering to already existing Applications addressing the challenge?

GSE) It helps businesses get a more focused insight into the numbers at their shops. It also provides risk index per user, to show how many (and which) people would be at risk of Covid19 if a selected user was to test positive. Businesses can get statistical analyses that help in business development.

WO) How user friendly is it and how much data does one need to use it?

GSE) The app is data efficient. A user can use it without a data connection. Whenever they connect to the internet, their attendance will be sent to the respective shops that they accessed offline.

WO) Where can one download it and does it come at a cost?

GSE) It is available on the app stores for iOS and Android. It is free on both stores. The name of the app in both stores is “gtCheckIn”.

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