CoW appoints Acting CEO

Andrew Kathindi

The City of Windhoek (CoW) management committee has appointed its Human Capital and Corporate Services Executive, George Mayumbelo as the interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the city.

“Yes, they appointed Mayumbelo as acting (CEO),” Windhoek spokesperson Harold Akwenye told Windhoek Observer.

This comes as former CEO Robert Kahimise has left the city’s employ after a rocky four years in charge. Robert Kahimise handed in his resignation earlier this year following a contentious relationship with councilors at the municipality. He also was engaged in many clashes with City Police Chief Abraham Kanime. The conflict between the two often overshadowed Kahimise’s work on behalf of the City.

After statements from some regional officials that Kahimise should not leave his post, the former COE hinted that he would be willing to stay on if he was asked by the council and certain strict conditions were met. That question never came.

Mayumbelo has been at the municipality for over 20 years and had previously vied for the top job but was allegedly blocked out of the move by the management committee according to media reports at the time.

Mayumbelo also previously served as the Municipality’s strategic executive for community services.

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