CoW hunts for CEO

Andrew Kathindi

The hunt for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the City of Windhoek (CoW) has begun, Windhoek Mayor Job Amupanda has announced.

Windhoek has been without a substantive CEO since 1 November, 2020, when former CEO Robert Kahimise resigned.

“The ideal candidate should be both suitably qualified and experienced. That said and equally important: the incumbent CEO should possess and embrace innovative and progressive ethos required to execute and operationalise Council’s strategic intent,” said Amupanda.

According to the Mayor, the process of filling the position of CEO of Windhoek is slated for conclusion by the end of September.

Strategic Executive of Human Capital & Corporate Services, Mujiwa George Mayumbelo, has been acting since Kahimise’s departure.

According to Amupanda, candidates will be required to make a public presentation as part of the application.

“As a new leadership, we have decided to change things a bit. The shortlisted Candidates for CEO will be required to do public presentations. This has never happened in any City/Town in Namibia!”

Kahimise had previously described the working environment with the previous Windhoek councillors as toxic.

His main bone of contention at the City was his clash with City police boss, Abraham Kanime.

Kahimise is currently the CEO of the Central North Regional Electricity Distributor (CENORED). Whether the City would engage Kahimise for the position, whose main gripe was with Swapo councillors, of whom decision-making roles at the City have since been stripped, City of Windhoek spokesperson, Harold Akwenye said, “The CEO position is open to all Namibian (including Kahimise) who have the credentials for the post.”

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