CRAN appoints Nesongano as PR Executive

Martin Endjala

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) has announced the appointment of Mufaro Nesongano, as its new Executive Public Relations Officer.

The appointment came into effect on 20 March 2024.

CRAN’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Emilia Nghikembwa, announced that Nesongano assumed the role of Executive of Communication and Consumer Relations, a position previously held by Katrina Sikeni.

Nesongano previously served as Marketing and Communications Manager at Old Mutual Namibia, and in his new role, he will lead CRAN’s strategic initiatives, focusing on communication, international relations, and stakeholder and consumer engagement strategies.

He will drive the development and execution of strategic plans and annual programs while ensuring effective coordination and implementation of stakeholder communication, public relations, and consumer engagement activities.

The company stated that Nesongano has more than 20 years of experience in broadcasting, communication, public relations, and brand management under his belt. While also demonstrating leadership across diverse sectors such as academia, tourism and insurance.

He holds a master’s degree in journalism and media technology, an honours degree in journalism and communication, and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication. He is also a certified executive and management coach, equipped with various professional certifications.

The CRAN CEO believes that Nesongano’s outstanding interpersonal communication skills, analytical abilities, and innovative approach, have equipped him to address complex business challenges and advance CRAN’s communication and stakeholder engagement strategies.

“We believe Nesongano’s expertise will significantly enhance our communication efforts and stakeholder engagement strategies, aligning with CRAN’s vision and contributing to the socio-economic development of Namibia,” said Nghikembwa.

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