CRAN Board commits to performance agreements

Niël Terblanché

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN), has taken a decisive step towards enhancing governance and accountability by signing Performance and Governance Agreements.

The signing ceremony, overseen by ICT Minister, Dr Peya Mushelenga, signifies a commitment to transparent and effective operations in the best interest of the Namibian public.

During the signing ceremony, Mushelenga emphasized the importance of acting with fairness, good faith and transparency.

The minister urged the directors to prioritise the principles of accountability and maintain an independent perspective while focusing on delivering valuable services to the public. Highlighting the crucial role that CRAN plays in the dynamic communication industry.

According to Mushelenga, the commitment shown by the board in signing the Performance and Governance Agreements sets a positive precedent for effective governance in Namibia’s communication landscape.

“These agreements commit the Board to transparent practices, ethical conduct, and efficient service delivery. By adhering to the principles outlined in the agreements, the Board dedicates itself to upholding regulatory standards and ensuring a thriving communication environment in Namibia,” he said.

The Board Chairperson Dr Tulimevava Mufeti, said they are committed to working harmoniously, to address challenges proactively and seizing opportunities with enthusiasm. She acknowledged the trust placed in the Board by the minister to regulate the vibrant communication landscape for the benefit of all Namibians.

The board will serve three-years, and other board members are Deputy Chairperson Elvis Nashilongo, Jeanine du Toit, Florette Nakusera, Gerhard Coeln, Alletha Haufiku and Veiko Alexander

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