Daures Green Hydrogen Village set for operations

Daures Green Hydrogen Village in the Erongo Region expects to kick off its operations in October. The project will include the planting of carbon-free tomatoes.

Daures expect to produce ammonia and hydrogen during the first quarter of 2024. Funding for the project worth, N$220 million, has come through a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), for a period of 18 months, through Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management (SASSCAL).

In 2023, Daures Green Hydrogen signed its first offtake agreement with Zimbabwean ammonium nitrate fertilizer manufacturer, Sable Chemicals. The non-binding agreement, will see Sable Chemicals taking up to 40 000 tonnes of green ammonia. In addition, Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) and Enersense Energy Namibia (EEN) are exploring ways inking a deal.

The project aims to revolutionise farming in Africa by potentially producing agricultural produce using fertiliser made from green ammonia, as well as supplying green hydrogen and green ammonia to regional and international markets.

In the beginning, the project will employ over 100 Namibians during construction and over 50 permanent Namibians in a modern carbon-free estate, with solar output of 0.99MW, wind 0.3MW, electrolysis 0.5MW, hydrogen 31t/year and ammonia 109t/year.

The consortium aspires to raise this to 400MW of solar, 600MW wind, 420MW electrolysis, hydrogen 60,544t/year and 352,000t/year of ammonia, by 2029/30.

The project will include a research station, training institution, and establishment of a greenhouse to 14 settlements within the radius of the constituency.

Namibia is slowly establishing itself as a green hydrogen production hub. Daures Green Hydrogen Village will also set up a wind farm, a solar plant, warehouses for storage of agricultural products as well as a climate-controlled green and seedling houses.

The Village will work towards the goal of achieving green ammonia and green hydrogen production by December 2023.

The Daures Constituency is the largest constituency in Namibia with a population of approximately 11 350 people. Over 80% of the residents survive under 1 US$ per day. The Daures Green Hydrogen Village (DGHV) will be Africa’s first Net Zero village.

The project will have its village some 60 kilometers south-west of the Brandberg Mountain. The village will produce 31 tons of hydrogen and 109 tons of ammonia per year during the first phase. It will further produce 500 tons of tomatoes and 600 tons of carrots, making it Namibia’s first carbon-free agriculture producer.

The Daures Green Hydrogen Consortium has entered into agreements with the Rossing Foundation, Sable Chemical Industries Limited, and Afritin Mining.

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