Defence Ministry not ready to inform the public about recruitment

Stefanus Nashama

Colonel Petrus Shilumbu, the Ministry of Defence Force and Veteran Affairs’ Spokesperson, yesterday told the Windhoek Observer that the ministry is yet to make an official announcement informing the public about the recruitment of new members.

Shilumbu was responding to questions posed to him about a document circulating on social media titled “Namibian Defence Force Recruitment during FY 2023/2024”.

“The public should remain patient about this document. The ministry is still going to officially inform the public, as to how, when, and the requirements about the recruitment,” he said.

He said the document is correct and valid, and indeed from the ministry, but that it was not supposed to have made it way to social media.

“That document was not meant for the public. It was addressed to the regional governors and constituency councillors only. It was supposed to end there, not with the public,” he stated.

He said the practice of circulating documents is dangerous and it will confuse people about the NDF’s recruitment which has not even started yet.

“I know the document you are talking about. It is valid but it is not addressed to the public nor was it meant to be shared in public,” he stressed.

The document dated 2 June 2023 indicates that NDF will recruit between 1 400 and 1 600 new members through the Namibian Defence Force Recruitment Planning Committee.

The circulated document also states that there is a team comprising members of the NDF Recruitment Planning Committee that will oversee the process across all 14 regions of Namibia.

“Regional governors should convey to the constituency councillors that application forms to be received should be stamped and recorded. The constituency councillors should assist all candidates and no candidate should be turned away,” the document reads.

Shilumbu said the ministry has secret documents, which are not supposed to be posted on social media platforms. He added that posting secret documents on social media is wrong. “Just because you work at the governor’s or councillor’s office does not allow you to take photos of the documents and share them with the public when they were not meant for the public,” he reiterated.

He said, before the recruitment process, the Ministry informs the governors and councillors first to indicate that it will recruit, then later the public.

Shilumbu urged people to refrain from posting information that they are not entitled to, to avoid confusion and unanswered questions among the public.

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