Differences between LPM leaders, not party related

Stefanus Nashama

The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) says differences between its party leader Bernadus Swartbooi and his deputy Henny Seibeb are not related to the party.

The differences are at an administrative level with no influence of the party.

“If there are any disagreements between the two, it’s nothing major or party related because it is insignificant and is also not party related. It would be nothing the party would have to invest in nor alarming,” Lifalaza Simataa, LPM National Spokesperson told Windhoek Observer this week.

Simataa was responding to questions about the alleged fight between the two LPM founders.

This comes after headlines in local newspapers reported that Swartbooi and Seibeb have not been on good terms since late last year.

Some allegations have it that Seibeb and Swartbooi have also not been speaking for a while, resulting in Seibeb skipping some of the important party activities as a sign of not being at peace with each other.

However, Simataa refuted these allegations, saying Seibeb has not missed any party event as was reported in the media.

He said that the two leaders have maintained a civil and professional relationship, both working towards the betterment of the party.

“Seibeb has not missed any party event since the publishing of the allegations which was 15 March 2024 to present. However, I believe he is slated to travel with a parliamentary team out of the country. I can’t recall right now which country it is,” he clarified.

Simataa urged party members and the public to wait for Seibeb’s official and public pronouncement on the alleged issues.

Contacted to comment yesterday, Seibeb referred this publication to Simataa, while efforts to reach Swartbooi ended in vain.

Seibeb and Swartbooi have had a good political standing since establishing LPM in 2017, following their resignation from SWAPO.

LPM member who chooses to speak on condition of anonymity said some people are busy creating stories as a way to destroy the party.

“Even if the two have differences, that should not be used to paint a bad image for the party. Remember, this is a year of important elections in the history of this country, let’s not count this an issue,” said the member.

Political Analyst and University of Namibia political science lecturer, Erika Thomas, said Swartbooi and Seibeb are the engines of LPM, who should not expect the party to do better if they have tensions.

“Fighting is happening in many political parties, even in the world, not only them. This irritates others within the party, but it takes a mature politician to get out of such a situation,” she commented.

Thomas urged the two to resolve the matter and focus on the bigger picture, which is doing well in the upcoming elections.

“Power is very sweet. You cannot see or touch it but once you get it you will always enjoy it. I am not saying what is alleged between them is true, but if there is anything like that the two leaders should forget about it and focus on important things,” she added.

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