Divundu receives new ambulance to boost emergency response

Martin Endjala

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) has enhanced its life-saving capabilities in the region between Rundu and Katima Mulilo with the commissioning of an ambulance worth N$1.3 million.

This development follows the establishment of a fully-fledged response unit base in Divundu in December 2022.

The Chief Executive Officer of the MVA Fund, Rosalia Martins-Hausiku noted that Divundu’s previous response vehicle was limited to transporting medical staff to accident scenes and could not transfer patients.

“With this new 4×4 emergency ambulance, we can now attend to patients and transport them to the nearest hospital, significantly improving our ability to save lives,” she stated.

The procurement and conversion of the vehicle into an ambulance were carried out with assistance from the Road Fund Administration (RFA), which contributed N$500,000.

“We recognized the critical need for an ambulance in this area due to the vast distance between the Kavango East and Zambezi regions, particularly between Rundu and Katima Mulilo. While the Zambezi region has some of the lowest road crash statistics, the fatalities from crashes that do occur highlighted the need for this facility,” Martins-Hausiku explained.

Before acquiring the ambulance, the base operated with a response vehicle that ensured the medical team’s timely arrival at crash sites. However, patient transportation depended on the Ministry of Health’s availability.

“With this new ambulance, we can respond more effectively, treating and transporting patients without delay,” she added. RFA CEO Ali Ipinge expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with MVA Fund, emphasizing the importance of bringing services closer to rural communities.

“Our primary mandate is to maintain efficient road and transport sectors in Namibia. However, we realize that infrastructure alone is insufficient in emergencies, which is why we joined forces with MVA in this crucial project,” Ipinge said.

He highlighted RFA’s commitment to ensuring that the new ambulance is utilized effectively, stating that this initiative aligns with its Corporate Investment and Social Responsibility program.

The collaboration aims to support citizens and road users during emergencies, reinforcing the shared goal of both organizations to improve road safety and emergency response in Namibia.

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