Double digit growth in livestock exports
…but prices of beef and mutton drop in May

Staff Writer

Cattle slaughtered at local abattoirs increased by 3.4 percent year on year in May 2022, while sheep slaughtered increased by 12 percent, goats increased by 90.7 percent, and pig slaughtered increased by 12.8 percent

According to a report by Simonis Storm economist Theo Klein in May 2022, live cattle exports increased by 35.9 percent year on year, sheep by 47.5, and goats by 9.8 percent and South Africa was the only country to which live cattle was exported to.

‘’During May 2022, South Africa will receive 99 percent of all live sheep and live goat exports. In terms of processed goods, beef meat product exports increased by 76.9 percent year on year in May and were primarily sold to Europe (61.1 percent), China and the United States (23.9 percent), and Africa (15.1 percent),’’ he said

Furthermore, Klein stated that sheep meat product exports increased by 96.3 percent year on year in May 2022 and were sold only to South Africa, whereas pork meat product exports in May amounted to eight tons.

According to the Meat Board, average auction prices for cattle decreased from N$32.19/kg to N$29.34/kg (8.9 percent), sheep decreased from N$35.22/kg to N$34.39/kg (2.4 percent), goats increased from N$37.04/kg to N$38.21/kg (3.2 percent), and pigs decreased from N$36.76/kg to N$36.95/kg (0.5 percent).

Additionally, the Meat Board predicts that beef prices will rise to just above N$60/kg by the end of 2022. This will reflect increased input costs for farmers for instance higher diesel and animal feed prices.

“Despite a slight setback with the latest figures, livestock marketing is expected to provide support to the economy’s continued recovery from the lockdown induced recession. This will be aided by local farmers reaping the benefits from restocking initiatives in the past two years,” according to the Meat Board.

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