Drought relief food items stolen from warehouse

Martin Endjala

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) has expressed grave concerns regarding the theft of drought relief food items intended for the drought relief program.

These items were stolen from a warehouse located at the Oshikango storage facility in the Ohangwena region.

The confirmation of this theft came yesterday from the OPM’s Chief Public Relations Officer, Rhingo Mutambo, who reported that a case (Case No. CR 34.01.2024) has been formally registered with the Namibian Police.

Mutambo further disclosed that those responsible for the theft have been apprehended by the Namibian Police, and comprehensive investigations are currently underway.

Mutambo issued a public advisory, urging citizens to refrain from purchasing any drought relief items and to promptly report any suspicious sales of food items within their respective areas to the Police.

“The Office of the Prime Minister implores all 14 Regional Councils to take measures to safeguard the drought relief food items and to ensure their timely distribution to the intended beneficiaries,” Mutambo said.

In response to this distressing news, National Council Member of Parliament, Paulus Mbangu, a fervent advocate for drought relief initiatives throughout all regions, condemned the theft as immoral and unethical.

He insisted that those involved should face severe consequences for their actions.

“This is deeply unsettling news; the individuals responsible for this heinous act must be held accountable. It is entirely unacceptable, immoral, and unethical to pilfer food intended for the impoverished. There can be no justification for such behaviour,” stated an agitated Mbangu.

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