DTS Beach Volleyball Tournament

Mathew T Haikali

Windhoek, Namibia : On September 16th, the capital city played host to the highly anticipated DTS Beach Volleyball Tournament, generously sponsored by African Marketing and OTB Sport.

This event drew 35 enthusiastic beach volleyball teams, competing across five diverse categories. Despite the hot weather conditions, the tournament witnessed spirited competition and showcased remarkable talent.

The Social category, featuring five teams, provided an exciting start to the tournament, with Kalipi Ndeshipanda & Simeon Ndaxula exhibiting exemplary teamwork, securing the top position. Dorothy Nambahu & Joseph Shapumba fought valiantly and secured the second position, followed closely by Mark Brinkmann & Martin Krafft in third place.

With eight teams in contention in the Youth Under 17 Male category. Valentinos Ashiyana & Festus Shatiwa demonstrated their dominance, securing the first position with their impressive skills, while Rivaldo Esau Uriab & Tumeritino Kewagamang claimed the second spot, with Willem Shikongo & Matheus finishing third by beating the twins Jury & Mischa von Wentzel in a tight play off for 3rd & 4th place.

In the Youth Under 17 Female category, five teams participated. Meriam Mendos & Meameno Heita emerged as the champions, displaying remarkable teamwork and skills, while Julia Haufiku & Kristin Willem secured the second position, followed by Isabell von Wietersheim & Sofia Trede in third place.

The Ladies category featured five teams, and it was characterized by intense competition. Romy Lueck & Kim Timke demonstrated their prowess, securing the top position. Lameesh Harris & Catherine Thomas secured the second position with their exceptional performance, while Sandra Steinkopf & Piroschka Lueck rounded up the top three.

The Men’s category, featuring 12 teams, witnessed some of the most thrilling matches of the tournament. Sakeus Shaninga & Thomas Shilumbu claimed the championship, displaying their outstanding skills and teamwork. Fabian Biedlerlack & Liam Wegener secured the second position, while Max Krafft & Luca Usieto-Drayer earned the third spot through their commendable performance. Namibias current no 1 Beach VB player Jan Eric Sack teamed up with 15 year old Junior Jura Krafft to finishing 7th.

The DTS Beach Volleyball Tournament, sponsored by African Marketing and OTB Sport, was a remarkable success. It provided a platform for both emerging talents and seasoned players to showcase their skills and passion for beach volleyball.

Tournament organizer Aloisius Vayakohambo congratulated all the winners and participants for their extraordinary performances and sportsmanship, especially in the challenging weather conditions. The tournament not only promoted the sport but also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among the players and spectators. This event will undoubtedly be remembered as a highlight in the local beach volleyball calendar.

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