ECB withholds NORED tariff approval

The Electricity Control Board has withheld NORED’s tariff approval of 6.6% for not submitting audited, up-to-date financial statements for the 2022 financial year.
NORED had initially applied for a tariff of 7.7% before the end of May.
This was announced by ECB chief executive officer Robert Kahimise today at the announcement of distribution tariffs.
Earlier this month, in a push to pay its debt with NamPower, NORED announced that it would start cutting off electricity supply to customers whose accounts have been in arrears for 30 days or more.
“Non-compliance with regulatory directives shall not be tolerated,” warned Kahimise.
The ECB also withheld the City of Windhoek tariff approval of 7.9%, because it has not submitted an updated progress report on their Electricity Department’s ring-fencing.
The effective date was 1 July but this is no longer applicable to the city until the municipality complies with the conditions

Report: Martin Endjala

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