EFF sympathizes with us the way Swapo sympsthizes with former liberation movements: Iipumbu

Stefanus Nashama

Namibian Economic Freedom Fighters (NEFF) says their South African counterpart Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) response to Amushelelo’s incarceration is solidarity, the same as that of Swapo and the African National Congress (ANC) and other liberation movements in Africa.

“With our struggle, it is just about economic emancipation, freedom and justice as Swapo and ANC had done for the two countries’ struggle,” Kalimbo Iipumbu said yesterday in an interview with Windhoek Observer.

He stated that there is nothing wrong with EFF commenting on the matter of the Amushelelo, because they are in solidarity with them for fighting injustice in both countries.

This comes after Amushelelo last week announced from a jail cell that he chose to embark on a hunger strike to force the authority to grant him freedom.

Amushelelo expressed feeling abandoned by the same thousands of people he stood for in the national demonstration he spearheaded on Independence Celebration Day which led to his arrest.

On Friday, EFF expressed its disappointment in the justice served in the Amushelelo’s case, reasoning that the Namibian government is having a hand, in politically influencing justice to hold Amushelelo’s release.

In response, Iimpubu said EFF is just a party that can work closely with NEFF, and there is nothing wrong with that.

“No one should question our relationship with EFF if no one can question Swapo and African liberation movements holding hands. We are brothers and sisters. Same as Swapo and others” Iipumbu said, asserting that Amushelelo was simply arrested for fighting for the interest of the Namibian nation.

“People have no jobs, they are hungry, starving and resolving to other things they do not like,” he stressed.

He pointed out that NEFF and EFF have nothing to do with the Namibian political influence, and their relationship is all about caring and building for one Africa.

“Our relationship is just the same as Swapo, ANC, ZANU-PF and other liberation movements. They were fighting for the same interest, the same as our struggle,” Iipumbu said.

He argued that Namibian justice should never be politically motivated, adding that Amushelelo’s detention should not be taken for granted.

“He is a fighter. He is our brave, not only in the party but in many people’s lives. He was just fighting for the interest of our people,” Iipumbu said.

“The African relationships should remain, for as long as we do what is right for the majority, he commented.

Iipumbu said the party will continue to fight for Amushelelos’ release, and they will do so without interfering with the Court.

“We are law-abiding citizens, we respect our laws, but we will always stand for him,” he said.

Iipumbu conveyed that the detention of Amushelelo is not new to the African continent, adding that it has happened during and after the liberation struggle of African countries.

‘He is a hero in jail, majority value his participation,” Iipinmbu said.

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