Energy Ministry launches electronic fleet management system

Martin Endjala

The Ministry of Mines and Energy yesterday launched its new Fleet Management System in Windhoek.

“This occasion undoubtedly represents a significant milestone in the management of the Ministry, and in the Government transport system, as it will enable us to improve and deliver basic services to all our people, especially those residing in widespread areas where our services are needed,” Deputy Minister Kornelia Shilunga said.

Shilunga stated that the Ministry is committed to delivering services at the doorstep of communities, to ensure that they access basic services such as electricity, that can make a significant difference in their lives.

She noted that this can only happen with an operational and effective government transport system that is managed properly and competently.

The goal of developing an electronics Fleet Management System is, to do away with having to deal with a lot of paperwork and to reduce the time spent during the vehicle management process, Shilunga stressed.

The Fleet Management System has several functionalities to keep track of vehicle information and these include vehicle maintenance, vehicle licenses management, vehicle accident reporting management, pool vehicle management, vehicle inspections management, vehicle expenses, tracking traffic fines, tracking trip authority and automated reports.

The Fleet Management System enables the users to manage vehicle information including having fast access to shared information through a designed and centralized database system that eliminates data redundancy and increases flexibility.

The electronics version is intended, to improve the core functional data processing and bring about better executive decision-making – relating to fleet management, the Ministry identified the need to automate its fleet management business processes.

The system was developed by the Chief Analyst Programmer in the Ministry, Andreas Mutota, who completed the specifications in 2018 and continued to work on the internal development of the Fleet Management System until finalization.

The Fleet Management System is seen as an asset to the government as it contributes towards the promotion of e-services and innovation in terms of ICT strategies.

For this reason, Shilunga reiterated that the Ministry remains determined to deliver on its mandate of providing an effective government transport system.

“This launch also marks a new beginning in many ways including how we are going to manage the Ministry’s fleet in an optimal manner. Furthermore, it is the Ministry’s wish that the Fleet Management System shall be implemented across all government Offices, Ministries or Agencies including other public institutions”, said Shilunga.

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