Erongo Region Commemorates Geingob’s legacy with memorial tree planting

Niël Terblanché

In a touching tribute to President Hage Geingob, the Erongo Region held a tree-planting ceremony, led by Regional Governor Neville Andre.

The event took place at the site of the future Office Park of the Erongo Regional Council, marking a lasting homage to a leader whose vision and dedication have significantly shaped the nation’s trajectory.

Governor Andre said that the ceremony is more than a mere ritual. He said it symbolizes the profound respect and admiration for President Geingob’s contributions to peace, stability, and prosperity in the Erongo Region and beyond.

“The selection of a tree, accompanied by smaller succulents, serves as a living emblem of President Geingob’s versatile and impactful life. As these plants grow, they will symbolize the ideals of growth, transformation, and renewal – principles that were close to the late President’s heart and evident in his policies and initiatives,” he said.

Andre highlighted the broader significance of the gesture, noting that trees are not only vital for their ecological benefits, such as producing oxygen, cleaning the air, and providing habitat for wildlife but also represent the late President’s environmental advocacy.

“President Geingob was known for his active participation in the United Nations Climate Change Conferences (COP), reflecting his commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship,” he said.

The ceremony also paid homage to President Geingob’s visionary leadership, which has been instrumental in driving the economic boom and developmental progress across various sectors in the region.

“The planting of the tree and succulents at the envisaged Office Park plot stands as a testament to his legacy, symbolizing the creation of a conducive environment for business opportunities and the overall betterment of life in the Erongo Region,” the Governor said.

Andre expressed hope that the tree and accompanying plants would continue to thrive, even after the completion of the Office Park.

“Plans are in place to relocate the tree to a suitable location within the new compound, ensuring that President Geingob’s legacy continues to inspire current and future generations,” he said.

According to Andre, the ceremony is a reflection of a legacy that will continue to influence and guide the Erongo Region and Namibia as a whole, fostering a sustainable and prosperous future in honour of a distinguished life dedicated to the service of the nation.

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