Erongo Regional Council reflects on 2023

Niël Terblanché

As the year 2023 draws to a close, the Erongo Regional Council held its final meeting to reflect on the accomplishments and challenges faced throughout the year.

Chairperson Benitha Imbamba addressed various critical issues in her statement, emphasizing the importance of safety, environmental responsibility, and community welfare.

One of the foremost concerns highlighted by Imbamba was road safety during the festive season. With an increased number of residents and visitors travelling throughout the region, she urged everyone to prioritize safety on the roads.

“Do not speed and make sure when we travel that our vehicles are in good working condition and that we drive responsibly,” she said.

Environmental conservation was another significant topic addressed by Imbamba.

She urged all residents and visitors to be mindful of the beautiful habitat in the Erongo Region and to adhere to the rules when going on nature excursions. She specifically pointed out the importance of protecting endangered species in the region, especially in Doroba Park and the National Parks.

Imbamba expressed her concern about the growing issue of Gender-Based Violence in Namibia and the region.

She called on everyone to be vigilant and report any unusual activities to law enforcement agents and stressed the importance of collective responsibility in ensuring the safety and well-being of women and children.

Imbamba encouraged residents to join her in recognizing and celebrating the lives of the nation’s heroes and heroines who fought for the freedom of Namibia. She acknowledged their contributions to the peace and tranquillity the nation enjoys today.

She reminded the community to assist those who are less fortunate, especially during the festive season. She encouraged individuals and organizations to extend their support and generosity to those in need.

Imbamba reiterated the importance of effective service delivery. She commended the efforts of the Erongo Regional Council’s staff, which received well-deserved recognition during the year. She also expressed her confidence in the council’s ability to exceed expectations in 2024, pledging continued support and guidance from the Regional Councillors.

Imbamba encouraged everyone to reflect on the mission and mandate of the council. She urged a commitment to revisiting programs and activities, adjusting them to better serve the needs of the community rather than seeking popularity. She expressed optimism that 2024 would be a year of even greater productivity and unity.

Imbamba highlighted several key accomplishments during 2023, including the completion of the Uis Office project, the inauguration of the Wlotzkasbaken Substation office, the initiation of the Omatjete pipeline project, and ongoing engagement with grassroots communities through funding projects.

She also proudly announced that the Erongo Regional Council received recognition as the second-best institution in Customer Service Charter development and the best overall institution in communications among Regional Councils. Imbamba emphasized the importance of customer feedback in improving service delivery. She encouraged residents to visit the council’s website and use suggestion boxes located at all offices and government institutions across the region to voice their views, concerns, and feedback.

She concluded by wishing staff, management, residents, and visitors to the Erongo Region a blessed festive season and a prosperous New Year while reiterating the region’s motto, “Plan together; Develop Together.”

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