Esau rejects being a flight risk, says his gravesite is in Swakopmund

Stefanus Nashama

Disgraced former Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhardt Esau, said his gravesite is already bought in Namibia, and he has no intention to run away and leave his motherland.

“Even my gravesite is already bought here in Namibia, in Swakopmund. I have no reason to run away and leave my motherland. My graveside is next to my mother, my uncle, and my brother.” Esau said in his latest bid for bail.

Appearing before Judge David Munsu yesterday, Esau also said he would not interfere with state witnesses or police investigations, if he is granted bail.

He also denied having owned a black iPhone with two SIM cards, saying, “No, My Lord, I was offered it and I returned it. During the state visit by the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, between 2018 and 2019, I was invited by a person called Sacky Kadhila who is a member of the marine resources advisory council and a shareholder of a quota called Omualu, to introduce me to the so-called team of investors,” Esau said.

“I took out two cell phones, one was for personal and the other was for work. There was no reason for me to carry two phones if I had an iPhone with two SIM cards,” he stated.

He further denies owning the said phone, adding that it was not declared by parliament. It is his testimony that he returned it.

He also denied guilt, with regard to the alleged N$15 million paid to Lawyer Sisa Namandje.

“I just signed that finance to ensure that the finance for Fishcor is not delayed. I was just carrying my duty as a state Minister,” Esau added.

Easu says that with the evidence he brought to the High Court, he will not plead guilty.

The Former Minister said he did not associate with other Fishrot co-accused, adding that he has his age group. Some of the co-accused could be his sons, he told the court.

“I happen to know the Former Justice Minister and Fishrot co-accused, Sacky Shanghala when he was a Chairperson of the Law Reform Council”, Esau stated.

The bail application will continue tomorrow in the High Court at 10H00.

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