EU-Twinning Project approaches successful completion

Martin Endjala

The EU-Twinning Project, formally titled “Support to the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI),” is nearing its conclusion, with an expected end date of 31 January 2024.

The project was a crucial step in enhancing economic growth and trade in Namibia.

Magnolia Lawrence, the NSI’s Marketing and Customer Liaison Officer, announced yesterday that a closing event is planned for 25 January 2024 at Droombos in Windhoek.

Dignitaries invited to the event include Lucia Iipumbu, the Minister of Industrialisation and Trade; Eino Mvula, Chief Executive Officer of the NSI; Ana Beatriz Martins, EU Ambassador to Namibia; Thorsten Hutter, German Ambassador to Namibia; Christian Fogelström, Deputy Head of Mission at the Swedish Embassy to Namibia; Thomas Zielke, EU Project Leader; and representatives from Botswana, South Africa, and other key partners.

Launched on 1 February 2022, this initiative was one of the first in Southern Africa under the EU Commission’s pilot program.

It focused on supporting the Namibian Standards Institution and the Ministry of Industrialisation and Trade (MIT).

The project, which spanned 24 months, received substantial backing from the EU, amounting to approximately N$27 million.

According to Lawrence, the project has significantly bolstered Namibia’s role in international trade agreements, thereby enhancing the nation’s economic growth.

“It has also strengthened the Namibian Standards Institution’s capacity to fulfil its mandate effectively,” she added.

Lawrence said that the upcoming event will celebrate the successful collaboration between the European Union and Namibia, showcasing the advancements in quality infrastructure and trade capabilities achieved through this partnership.

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