FlyNamibia Cancels Flights Due to Safety Regulatory Concerns

Stefanus Nashama

FlyNamibia was forced to cancel all flights to and from Lüderitz Airport due to regulatory safety issues that arose at the coastal town’s airport.

The airline explained that the cancelled flights were originally scheduled for yesterday, but they had to be called off due to unforeseen mechanical problems. FlyNamibia maintained that passenger safety remains their top priority.

The airline expressed regret for the inconvenience caused by the cancellations.

They clarified that the issue was related to a mechanical problem with a fire-fighting vehicle operated by the Namibia Airports Company (NAC). This vehicle is crucial for ensuring passenger safety during airport operations.

According to FlyNamibia, aviation regulations stipulate that airports must have a functioning fire-fighting vehicle on standby to ensure the safety of passengers and crew in case of emergencies.

Currently, FlyNamibia operates on two different routes. These include domestic routes from Eros Airport in Windhoek to Ondangwa, Katima Mulilo, Lüderitz, and Oranjemund, as well as regional routes between Hosea Kutako International Airport and Cape Town International Airport, as well as Walvis Bay International Airport and Cape Town.

FlyNamibia said that its decision to cancel flights was rooted in its commitment to passenger safety and compliance with aviation regulations.

The company issued an apology to affected passengers and recognized the importance of providing reliable air travel services.

FlyNamibia also disclosed that the Namibia Airports Company (NAC) has taken immediate steps to address the mechanical issues with the fire-fighting vehicle.

The airline expressed optimism that regular flight operations to and from Lüderitz Airport would resume as soon as the necessary repairs are completed.

“We want to reassure our passengers that we are working closely with the NAC to address the issue promptly,” FlyNamibia assured.

The company appealed to passengers, customers, and stakeholders for patience, assuring them that the issues would be resolved within a reasonable timeframe.

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