FlyNamibia withdraws Fly Etosha objection

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The FlyNamibia board today announced that it is withdrawing its objection against Fly Etosha’s application for a scheduled air transport service licence.

“On 14 February 2023 FlyNamibia submitted documents to the Transpotation Commission of the Namibia Ministry of works and transport outlining the airlines objection to the application for granting of a schedule air transport service licence filed by Mr William Aupapa Ekonjo for a proposed airline to be called Fly Etosha, FlyNamibia said today.

last week FlyNamibia said they were exercising their right to object to an application to the Transportation Commission in accordance with section 6(1) of the Air Services Act 51 of 1949.

The Managing Director of the airline, Andre Compion said it is a normal practice in the Aviation industry to object the launch of a new airline for safety purposes.

“For the management of Fly Namibia, such an objection was deemed standard operating procedure and we ourselves have endured many objections to our own application in the past. The Namibian law allows for stakeh to make objections to applications as part if the governance process to ensure the general public will receive a safe and reliable service that compiles with the requirements as stated in the Act,” he said.

Ekandjo, reacting to the objection said he was being sabotaged because he is a person of color.

He also claimed the airline has been holding back the launch of his airline since August 2022 when Fly Namibia’s lawyer wrote to him requesting him to change the name Fly Namibia Airways which he registered with Bipa in 2021.

Ekandjo changed the name to Fly Etosha in 2022.

Fly Namibia said they registered and trademarked the name FlyNamibia prior to his registration of the airline name, Fly Namibia Airways.

“We registered and received the trade name : Fly Namibia Aviation as defensive name with Bipa on 23 July 2020. Also in July 2020 we commenced the process to register the trade mark Fly Namibia. The trade mark was officially registered on 16 July 2021,” said FlyNamibia.

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