FNB employs 30 consultants

Martin Endjala

In an effort to provide more integrated and seamless services, the First National Bank of Namibia has expanded its consultant team in the Contact Centre with 30 people to improve its point of contact with customers.

The bank’s decision offered the opportunity for 30 Namibians to secure full-time employment while reducing the drop call rate to eight percent. The bank strives to reduce dropped calls even further.

“The outcome of this investment in people and ultimately our customers resulted in a year-on-year increase, which supports the notion of digital when I want it, human when I need it,” said the FNB Namibia Head of Client Experience, Quinten Potgieter on Friday.

Potgieter added that with just over 700 000 customers in Namibia, the bank has a great task in meeting the needs of its customers in a world where individuality has become more apparent. When considering how recipients of service evaluate that experience it is important to contextualize how a provider of that service can influence and ultimately control the delivery thereof.

Within the discipline of Customer Experience, he noted that four key drivers are critical to keeping a keen eye on; Multi Experience (MX), Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX) and User Experience (UX).

FNB Namibia also achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 41. The NPS score is internationally subscribed.

“At FNB Namibia, we take our role to serve our customers seriously and therefore encourage our customers to reach out to us via our various platforms to inform us when we have fallen short, or to even share a compliment in the instances where one of our committed team members has delivered Delightful Customer Experience to you. To all our loyal Customers who once again took the time to partake in our annual research, a heartfelt thank you,” Potgieter said.

According to recent research that measured customer loyalty, satisfaction, and enthusiasm for products, services, and solutions. FNB Namibia customers have expressed happiness with the bank and are happy to recommend it to others.

To this end, the FNB Head of Client Experience reiterated that the bank is committed to meeting the needs of its customers in terms of developing products that suit their lifestyles.

It is against this background that FNB Namibia embarked on a mammoth project to solicit feedback from its customers across the country. 2023 saw over 17 000 of its customers taking time from their busy schedules to provide feedback on their experience with the products and services provided.

The excellent results achieved in the survey, illustrate the bank’s desire to meet the changing needs of customers. This is apparent in the constant investment in the innovation of its products and services,” Potgieter said.

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