Forex trader granted bail in GBV case, wants to “inspire” the youth

Eba Kandovazu

FOREX trader Brownson Lukas who’s accused of assaulting his girlfriend on 23 January hit her until she vomited.

Lucas is also accused of throwing the woman with pieces of broken objects from a door he broke down at his house.

The tussle between the two started at a local nightclub where the lady found him in the company of his friends.

An altercation then ensued between the two that continued at his residence, where it allegedly escalated into an assault.

Lukas, represented by Trevor Brockerhoff, told the court during his bail application today that he owns five vehicles and earns a salary of N$200 000 per month.

It was revealed in court that Lukas was with friends when the girlfriend phoned one of the friends, Jeremiah Jeremiah asking to speak to Lukas.

The girlfriend then arrived at the nightclub, where a quarrel then started between the two, during which Lukas was reportedly slapped by the girlfriend.

Brockerhoff said the victim pursued his client to the club after viewing a video of Lukas with another woman.

Jeremiah, who testified in court today confirmed that Lukas was slapped three times and dragged down the stairs at the club by the lady.

“The music stopped and everyone at this point was looking at us. Later that evening my friend’s girlfriend called me to his house. He was downstairs and she upstairs. I went to her and she said to me she doesn’t want to see him (Lukas) so I locked him outside of the compound. She then fainted in the bathroom and I picked her up and laid her on the bed. People started coming to the house because was on the phone calling people. I observed cracks and holes on the bedroom and bathroom doors. I don’t know what transpired but I could tell there was an altercation,” Jeremiah told the court.

Brockerhoff later during cross examination explained to a prosecution witness that the fainting could have been an epilepsy seizure, as a result of a stressful situation.

It was heard that the victim, while at the suspect’s house, locked herself in his room with his phone.

Lukas testified that she was calling other women’s phone numbers that were in his contact list, which triggered him to break down the door to get his phone. The court was informed that the victim was pleading with Lukas not to hurt or kill her, while he was breaking the door.

Further evidence was given that the couple travelled to South Africa in December 2021 before the alleged assault incident in January. There, Lukas reportedly assaulted the victim who opened a case against him which she later withdrew, an investigator told the court today. During the bail hearing, Lukas offered to surrender his travel documents and adhere to any bail condition. Prosecutor Rowan van Wyk says the victim was assaulted until she vomited. She also suffers from epileptic seizures.

“It is common knowledge that people with epilepsy get the attacks after stressful events. Don’t you think that because of the events that happened before the two got to the house, the complaint was agitated and hit an epileptic attack?,” Brockerhoff questioned an investigator who also testified this morning.

According to him, the victim’s medical report shows no noticeable injuries and bruises. The medical doctor who examined her however reported that her muscles were slumped. Lukas told the court that he wants to be granted bail to go back into society and inspire the youth, as an entrepreneur.

“It is not in my nature to abscond. I have things to do here, I have businesses and people I employ. I also have no family outside Namibia,” Lukas responded to questioning from the prosecutor, adding that he is not a flight risk.

Lucas has been granted bail in the amount of N$15 000,

Lukas and the victim have since broken up.

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