Former finance manager withdraws case against NTB

Staff Writer

Namibian Tourism Board former finance manager Ndapewa Kankondi, who had dragged the parastatal to court for allegedly having failed to pay her Government Institution Pensions Fund (GIPF) membership has withdrawn the case.

“Please take notice that the plaintiff (Kankondi) herby withdraws her action in the above matter and tender wasted costs,” read documents filed at the High Court of Namibia.

The case was removed from the roll and Kankondi was ordered to pay cost of NTB. Kankondi was claiming that NTB has not paid her pension contributions between 1 April and 31 July 2021 and requested the High Court of Namibia to order the parastatal to pay

over her pension contributions with interest. According to the employment contract between NTB and Kankondi, NTB had an obligation to pay her monthly pension contributions to GIPF as part of her remuneration benefits.

“The employer has established a registered pension scheme and the employee shall be obliged to become a member of that scheme subject to the laws and rules governing that scheme,” read the contract. However, according to documents, NTB’s lawyers are claiming to have made all employers contributions despite the retirement fund claiming to have informed both Kankondi and

NTB that both the employer’s (16%) and employee contributions for the period 1 April 2015 to 30 September 2018 have not been paid.

“The dispute seems to have centered on arrear contributions. Our client instructs that, to their knowledge, NTB made all employer’s contributions and is neither indebted to your client nor GIPF,” read the document.

Kankondi was employed with the NTB from April 2002 until she was dismissed on 31 March 2015 due to alleged insubordination and abuse of subsistence and travel allowances of close to N$40 000 that was paid to her for a business trip she was supposed to undertake to Frankfurt, Germany, via Cape Town in April 2013.

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