Four-year-old drowns in Omusati

Tujoromajo Kasuto

Amon Pombili Kasper, a four-year-old boy, from IIwiyongo village drowned on Sunday at around 12h04 in a Namwater canal at the Oshipanda village, Oshikuku Constituency, Omusati Region, while on vacation with an uncle.

According to Omusati Regional Crime Coordinator Deputy Commissioner, Moses Simao the boy was last seen in the house playing with his toy car at around 13h00 on Saturday.

He claims that the guardian left the house to work in his field, leaving the deceased in the house with four other children, ages 16 and 17.

The four older children then left the house around 14h00 to go play soccer, not knowing whether the deceased was still in the house or not, as they suspected the deceased was with the guardian in the field. The four children returned home around 18h00 and found neither the deceased nor the

guardian in the house, explains Simao.

‘’The four children then called the guardian over his cellphone asking whether he was with the deceased but the deceased was nowhere to be found. It was then when they started searching for the deceased at around 18h30 by following his shoe prints which led them to the water canal and discovered the boy’s toy car, shoes and a can which he used to play with floating on top of the water,’’ he said.

They suspected that the boy had drowned in the canal and reported the incident to Ogongo Police Station, who responded, but the body was not discovered on the same day.

After a long search by Police divers from the Oshana Region, the body was discovered on Sunday at around 12h04 in the Namwater canal, 230 metres from where the deceased allegedly slipped into the water canal at Oshipanda village.

The body has been transported to Okahao Police mortuary for an autopsy to determine the real cause of death.

No foul play is being suspected, however and the Police investigation into this tragedy is


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