Free Visas for Chinese nationals couldnegatively impact Marginalised Namibians-LPM

Martin Endjala

The issuing of free visas to Chinese nationals is seen as a negative move by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security because it will disadvantage the already unemployed youth in the country.

Namibia is currently facing an unemployment rate of over 55 percent.

It is a staggering figure that highlights the urgent need for job creation and opportunities for youth. Considering this challenging situation, the decision to provide free visas to Chinese nationals is said to raise concerns among the youth population.

This is according to a letter submitted to the office of the Executive Director of the MHAISS by the Khomas Regional Youth Leader of the Landless People’s Movement Junia Kaindjee.

Kaindjee highlighted that he fears that this move will further disadvantage the already marginalized and unemployed youth, as it will limit their access to job opportunities.

He noted that it has come to his attention that the MHAISS granted 1 957 work visas to Chinese nationals between 2018 and 2019. Given this significant number, Kaindjee is questioning the necessity of providing additional visas at this time.

“We believe that it is crucial to prioritise the interests and needs of our citizens, particularly our unemployed youth, who are in desperate need of support and opportunities for socio-economic empowerment,” argued Kaindjee.

He questioned why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China is not reciprocating the gesture of free visas for Namibian youth if they are to maintain a fair and balanced approach in our bilateral relations.

He is of the view that the Namibian government must engage in dialogue with the relevant authorities about this inequality.

Fair and reciprocal opportunities for visa acquisition can contribute to enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation between the two nations.

The LPM Khomas Regional Leader recommended that the Ministry reevaluate the decision to offer free visas to Chinese nationals by taking into account the adverse potential impact on already disadvantaged Namibians.

The government must also advocate for the reciprocal of visa arrangements that consider the interests of Namibian youth and further prioritise the creation of sustainable job opportunities for Namibian youth, to ensure that local labour demands are met before granting visas to foreign nationals, he said.

“I am confident that your esteemed ministry will carefully consider these concerns and take appropriate measures to address the pressing issue at hand. Our unemployed youth represents the future of our nation and their well-being and socio-economic empowerment should be at the forefront of our decision-making processes,” said Kaindjee.

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