Fuel levies reduced to give relief to motorists

Obrein Simasiku

The Ministry of Mines and Energy has reduced some levies collected on fuel by 50 and 25 percent to give a price relieve to motorists.

The reduction in the levies will lead to a price drop of N$1.20 for petrol and 30 cents for diesel.

This means pump prices in Walvis Bay for petrol will be N$17.90 and N$19.93 for diesel, while to the rest of the country it will be adjusted accordingly.

The announcement was made the Mines Minister Tom Alweendo this morning, saying the decrease in levies will assist in reducing fuel prices and provide relief to consumers for the next three months.

Road Fund Administration (RFA), Namibia Petroleum Corporation (Namcor), and tax of fuel have been reduced by 50 percent, while the levy for the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) is reduced by 25 percent.

This move was welcomed by the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association (Nabta) president Pendapala Nakathingo, who said it’s been a long way coming.

Nakathingo has however vowed to crackdown on transport operators who illegally increased their fares.

“I have received many complaints across the country about passengers being overcharged as result of the illegal transport fare hikes. So now that fuel has reduced, its time them to start charging normal prices” he briefly said when approached for comment.

In addition, he said its punishable by law to overcharge passengers because the prices are not sanctioned by the government and gazetted.

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