Futsal Namibia gears up for competition proper for CAF Futsal AFCON Competition

After Futsal Namibia clinched a remarkable victory against all odds, securing their place in the prestigious CAF Futsal AFCON Competition slated to take place in Morocco this April. Overturning a daunting 5 – 2 defeat at home, the team delivered a stunning 6 – 3 win away at the Starlight Arena in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Coach Modise, the mastermind behind the team’s resurgence, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome and outlined the path ahead for the squad. “In the next week,” Coach Modise remarked, “I will be inviting additional players from the Futsal Namibia Premier League to try out, aiming to gauge their readiness and hunger for success. We won’t be offering a full bouquet of training sessions immediately because we want to identify those players who have been diligently training on their own.”

During this week-long trial period, Coach Modise plans to assess the players’ capabilities, ultimately selecting a group of approximately 11 individuals to augment the existing squad that triumphed in Tanzania. This initial selection will form a provisional squad of 30 players, which will subsequently be whittled down to the final 18 before the team’s departure for Morocco.

Reflecting on the team’s recent triumph and looking ahead to future challenges, Coach Modise revealed his intention to conduct a light training session with the squad that competed in Tanzania. “This session will allow us to reflect on our experiences and strategize for the competitions ahead,” he stated.

As Futsal Namibia gears up to commence training sessions later this week at the Windhoek ShowSport Plaza, their recent victory serves as a powerful catalyst for ambition and unity, the team is poised to make their mark on the international stage, representing Namibia.

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