Gaob Kooper has finished his race
but the relay is not finished-OGF

Staff Writer

To uphold the legacy of Gaob Simon Petrus Kooper, the descendants of the victims of colonial Germany’s genocide against the Nama, Ovaherero and Ovambanderu must at all time remain vigilant.

Says the Ovaherero and Ovambanderu Genocide Foundation (OGF) paying tribute to the fallen Kai-//Khau Gaob on behalf of Ovaherero and Ovambanderu traditional leaders like Paramount Chief Aletha Karikondua Nguvauva of the Ovambanderu Traditional Council (OTC), Chief Vipuira Kapuuo of the Ovaherero Traditional Authority (OTA), Chief Sam Kambazembi of the Kambazembi Traditional Authority, Chief Turimuro Hoveka of the Hoveka Traditional Authority and Chief Rikurura Kukuri of the Ombandi traditional community.

The OGF says until lately with the emergence of the Joint Declaration (JD) between the Namibian government and its German counterpart, purported as an everlasting solution to Germany’s acknowledgement of the genocide against Nama, Ovaherero and Ovambanderu, Gaob Kooper was a voice of reason and inspiration to the descendants. “Kooper has been among the few voices of various traditional leaders providing steadfastness, rock solidity, non-ambiguity and non-compromising stance on the JD, thereby instilling hope and inspiration among all our prople, whether Ovaherero, Ovambanderu and Nama,” says the OGF Interim Chaiperson, Mbakumua Hengari in a tribute message on behalf of the said traditional leaders.

Saying thanks to Gaob Kooper’s vociferous and outright opposition without ambiguity to the Joint Declaration, the so-called agreement to this day remains in limbo. “But we must continue to be vigilant. Because as we have learnt dearly on many occasions, it may seem currently quiet on that front, only to hear that the deal has been signed, sealed and delivered,” cautions Hengari.

Adding that it shall be a betrayal of the good and exemplary leadership, dedication and deeds of Gaob Kooper and others “if we now go to sleep, and allow our Namibian government and its German counterpart to push through this diabolical and deceitful Joint Agreement,” says he.

He says one day the likes of Gaob Kooper are by no means to be blamed for not setting a good example to be followed and emulated as indeed they have done that in very clear terms and ways. “Should we not emulate them it shall not only be at our own peril but also be a betrayal of future generations,” says Hengari. Concluding that Gaon Kooper has run a good race which he has finished but that the relay is not finished. However, it is now left to others to take on the baton taking the race to its logical conclusion and for them to finish their races victoriously.

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