Geingob advocates for deeper trade links with Zambia

Tujoromajo Kasuto

President Hage Geingob said Africa is marching towards prosperity, based on inclusive growth and sustainable development.

As encapsulated in Agenda 2063, ‘’we should be cognizant of the fact that we can only achieve the Africa we Want, through rapid economic development, thus, industrial development should be at the core of the region’s development integration agenda as it holds the key to the diversification of the nations’ economies’’.

He said industrialization will enable Africa to expand productive capacity, which in turn, will help make more efficient use of natural resources, so that the nations are able to create more employment opportunities for people.

In turn, he asserted, that economies become more sustainable, inclusive and growth oriented, which will enable them to effectively tackle the scourge of poverty and hunger.

Geingog made these remarks alongside his Zambian counterpart Hakainde Hichilema at the official opening of the Swakopmund International Trade Expo (SWAiTEX) at the Vineta Sports Stadium in Swakopmund today.

He said this event plays a significant role in promoting cooperation and economic integration and he

believes that together, Namibia and Zambia can use the platform to advance bilateral relations, most specifically trade and investment, into a new era of enhanced cooperation.

To this extent, he highlighted that on the international front, Namibia has been engaged in presenting and promoting investment in specific sectors with the aim of addressing unemployment through sustainable economic growth.

‘’Some of these important areas include Green Hydrogen, oil, agricultural land and water. I am aware that my brother from Zambia has also traversed the international stage, promoting economic

opportunities in Zambia,’’ he said.

Moreover, Geingob noted that while political leaders provide the direction, vision and inspiration needed to bring about economic transformation and growth, ultimately, it is entrepreneurs, promoters and private investors who play an instrumental role in enabling nations to achieve their developmental aspirations. ‘’Therefore, it is pleasing to notice company representation from across the wide spectrum of different economic sectors at SWAiTEX. Small and Medium Enterprises in particular, should be active in the economy of our respective countries. The SME sector has a huge potential to create wealth,

employment opportunities and contribute to the social and economic development of our people. In

this regard, I would like to see more regional, continental and international participation at shows such as SWAiTEX,’’ he added.

He explained that economic development cannot take place in a vacuum and therefore we should use these platforms to foster a spirit of integration and cooperation.

Thus, through deeper integration and usage of infrastructure such as the Zambian dry port in Namibia, Namport terminals, as well as the Trans Caprivi Highway inclusive of the Kazangula bridge and one stop border posts; cross-border and international imports and exports will flourish in the region and bring prosperity to the people. ‘’Therefore, Namibia remains committed to the process of regional integration with our SADC neighbours and views the development of our economic corridors as a gateway to SADC integration and economic development. We in Namibia are pleased that SWAiTEX 2022 is providing the backdrop for yet another chapter in the Namibia–Zambia story.’’ He said this is a story of people united through kinship and a desire for freedom and self-determination.‘’Together, our people achieved victory against colonial oppression. Together, we have stood firm, consolidating our bilateral relations and together we can achieve the ultimate goal of economicemancipation and open the doors towards shared prosp
erity for all our peoples,’’ he said.

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