Geingob calls for patience on investment promotion results

Tujoromajo Kasuto

Results of investment promotions do not come overnight, therefore people must be patient when it comes to these activities yielding positive results, President Hage Geingob said today when he reported back on the World Economic Forum Annual Gathering and Investment Mission to Davos, Switzerland last month.

The president said that results from investment promotions are referred to ‘’deferred Gratification’’ and the government will announce ‘’miracles’’ soon.

The president said ‘’the process of investors settling in the country brings opportunities to create jobs, people need to take into account what it takes in to come on the job and what it takes to create jobs as it depends on how fast we react to it. Yes, we are all impatient because conditions are not good but people really want immediate results but it will yield results soon. We will announce miracles soon,’’ he explained

Meanwhile, the Minister of Mines and Energy Tom Alweendo said it takes over five years to yield results from oil discoveries and that there is a lot of work that needs to be done and is not going to happen at production.

‘’There is a lot of engineering work that has to be done to yield results, as for example job employment will not come from the production itself but from the associated industries tied to the start-up of the oil productions.’’

Thus there will always be economic activity that will flow from the start to the production. The forum was an opportunity to showcase Namibia’s innovative approach on its attempt to kick-start Namibia’s economic recovery by using its renewable energy potential to contribute to a global just energy transition.

Whiles there, the delegation made the most of the global platform to showcase the country’s attractive investment destination and its peaceful and orderly environment.

‘’In summary, Namibia has an unprecedented opportunity to convert relevant policy into significant investments and associated industrialization opportunities that will transform our economy and those of our neighbours,’’ said Geingob

‘’A well-organised Namibia House was a good example of what a united Namibian people could achieve when we jointly hold hands and put shoulder to shoulder to push for one agenda. Private sector contributed to the realisation of the Namibian House, both in the form of monetary contributions and in terms of content,’’ the president further explained.

Geingob said that, now it is time to act and deliver to fight against poverty, – ‘’we share a common enemy, poverty and hunger, not each other. Let us unite against this enemy and attack it with all of our might and resources at our disposal’’.

He asserts this will be executed with urgency and work closely with the private sector and mobilise as one people and one nation.

‘’I have directed my staff to work closely with the media houses to ensure that all corners of the country are well informed of the opportunities abound. Similarly, I have requested

Ministers and relevant officials to tour the country and update the population of the plans and opportunities that we are unlocking as a one nation, for the prosperity we envision has to be a shared one,’’ vowed Geingob

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