Geingob describes Muheua as reliable and hardworking

Martin Endjala

PRESIDENT Hage Geingob has described the late Alpheus Muheua as a reliable, hardworking, and a pleasant patriot to work with in his condolence message.

Muheua’s death yesterday in the Swakopmund Hospital was confirmed by a family member. His daughter said Muheua succumbed to Covid-19 complications.

“My father suffered from a stroke from which he recovered and lived a healthy life up until he contracted covid-19, and later succumbed to covid-19 complications”, she said.

“I have learned with sadness about the passing on of comrade Alpheus Muheua, a committed patriot who served the country with dedication and distinction until he fell ill on 7 February 2018”,Geingob states.

Geingob continued to say that he worked with the late Muheua for many years, and he has always been reliable, hardworking, affable and pleasant to work with, assuring that it is not only (SWAPO) that has lost a cadre, but Namibia has lost an upstanding citizen.

“On behalf of the Government and the people of the Republic of Namibia, I wish to extend my sincere condolences to his dear wife MRS Kashona Muheua, children, family and fellow comrades. May the soul of comrade Muheua rest in eternal peace,” he lamented.

Job Muniaro, secretary general (SG) of the National Union of Namibian Workers, echoed extended his condolences during a conversation with Windhoek Observer today, stating that ”it is such a sad thing when I learned about it, and may God give them strength in what they cannot change”, he sympathize.

Muniaro further concurred that the union and its affiliates have suffered a great loss, “his ideas, thoughts and having to be groomed into leadership from the beginning whilst just an ordinary worker, that saw him representing the federation at national, regional and International level, is testament to what he went to go achieve, becoming a Deputy Minister of Labour, because of his knowledge”, he affirms.

Muniaro says, he remembers a time, where he went to resolve an issue of a certain mine that was not licensed to operate and mistreated employees, I took their keys and closed the mine myself, where they threatened to take me to jail. When the late Muheua heard of it, he came in support, as the Deputy Minister of Labour and told them, I will join Muniaro in jail, because I would rather go to jail for what is right”, Muniaro reminisces.

The late Muheua never wavered under any circumstances, but kept representing the federation and the rights of Namibian workers in the country. He never compromised with workers rights, he was a man who always stood for what is right, Muniaro says. He then added that Muheua battled stroke for some time but because of his strength he overcame it.

“We served together in representing the Government of Namibia internationally and he never took sides nor did he just serve, but he gave his all. He will indeed never be forgotten and his legacy here in the federation that he led shall continue. May his soul rest in peace and to the family, children and fellow comrades, may all be strengthened during these difficult times and celebrate his legacy by continuing the work he has left behind”, says Muniaro.

The late Muheua was elected as a Swapo member of parliament to the National Assembly in 2009, where he was subsequently appointed as Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW) during former president Hifikepunye Pohamba’s second term.

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